Once Upon A One More Time at James M Nederlander Theatre

Once Upon A One More Time at James M Nederlander Theatre
The James M Nederlander Theater is proud to present Once Upon A One More Time, a feminist musical that turns the classic fairy tales on their heads in a bold new way. With a musical score comprised of Britney Spears’ most enduring hit songs, this play seeks to tell the story of what happens when fairy tale princesses realize there’s more to life than waiting for their prince charming to carry them off to their dreams. Fans of feminist literature and entertainment, as well as critics who enjoy deconstructions of classical works, will both enjoy this comedic and enjoyable story. Even everyday fans looking for something unique will find a lot to enjoy with this wonderful blend of high-quality music combined with the powerful stage presence of some of Broadway’s best actors.

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Kristin Hanggi leads an all-star cast to tell this tale with choreography handled by Keone and Mari Madrid who starred in Justin Bieber’s “Love Yourself” video. This focus on modern sensibilities coming to clash with traditional values creates an intense conflict that is sure to leave audience members talking for days after they come out to see the show. Whether you are a fan of Britney Spears or simply curious about what a pop sensation can bring to Broadway, you can’t miss out on catching a showing of Once Upon A One More Time.

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Britney Spears is Not Your Everyday Magic Princesses

The story of Once Upon A One More Time begins when Cinderella, Snow White, and other fairy tale princesses gather for a book club. The women meet regularly to discuss their favorite pieces of literature while discussing how they’d love nothing more than to have someone come along and help them find their happily ever afters. It seems like an ordinary day for these fairy tale princesses when a fairy godmother breaks into the book club and introduces these women to Betty Friedan’s feminist novel “The Feminine Mystique.” This landmark novel introduces our heroines to questioning if they were truly happy with their lives as they were or if they were ready for something different.

Each of our characters responds to this revelation in a production that mirrors the questions many up-and-coming young women face every day. The book and the events of Once Upon A One More Time raise questions of the heroines’ identities, how society wants to tell them what their ‘proper roles’ are, and what it means to live independently and choose their paths.

The themes of this play speak to a world that is growing increasingly aware of and accepting about the realities of gender roles and inequality and want to make positive change. The writer and director brilliantly combine classic fairy tale characters and tropes with a deconstruction that makes the characters and their audience wonder if we can all do better. The musical score for this play, using over 20 songs from Britney Spears’ catalog, supports this tale including fan-favorites such as “Toxic” or “Oops, I did it again”.

Fans of feminist literature, Britney Spears, and high-quality theatrical productions are all excited for their chance to see this Broadway show. But to find out how this story of discovery ends, you will have to order your tickets to see what happens next for these magical princesses.

A Round of Applause for Hanggi

The director chosen to lead the James M Nederlander Theatre run of Once Upon A One More Time is none other than Kristin Hanggi. Hanggi found an early distinction in the theatrical arts when she received her Bachelors in Theater from UCLA. She later returned to UCLA in 2013 to receive the UCLA School of Theater, Film, & Television Distinguished Alumni Award for her work up in theatrical productions up to that point.

Her theatrical work included stage productions of Bare: A Pop Opera which won Hanggi the Ovation Award for Best Musical, the LA Weekly Award for Best Musical, and the Robby Award for Best Director. The success of this play later spurred her announcement of adapting the musical into a feature-length film. But Hanggi was bound to find more success as a director, when she worked on such productions as And the Curtain Rises at the Signature Theatre, Catch the Fish which won New York’s Fringe Festival, Twelfth Premise which won the Los Angeles Times Critic’s Pick award, as well as several other plays that earned her steady accolades.

These successes led to Hanngi directing other plays, including Pussycat Dolls Live at the Roxy, in 2002, which launched The Pussycat Dolls girl group that included celebrities such as Christina Applegate and special guests Gwen Stefani and others. Hanggi’s work with female artists led her to be given the task of adapting 1995 film Clueless into a stage musical that ran from November 2018 until January 2019. With her popularity with female artists, it seemed like an easy choice for Britney Spears to choose her to help bring Once Upon A One More Time to life as a theatrical marvel.

It’s now your chance to experience the worlds that Hanngi crafts by ordering your tickets to see one of her latest productions.
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Information about the James M Nederlander Theatre

The James M Nederlander Theatre started life as the Oriental Theatre when it opened on May 8, 1926. The theatre was designed by George L and Cornelius W Rapp as one of the first motion picture palaces of the age to offer a complete experience for patrons. The design and decor of the venue include large mosaics of a prince and princess, an inner foyer with elephant-throne lighting and multicolored glazed Buddhas to offer a rich oriental-themed experience. The goal was to have patrons feel transported to the far East from the moment they stepped past the door.
Many of the motion pictures featured at the movie palace complimented the lush and lavish stage shows including notable performances by The Three Stooges, Al Jolson, Duke Ellington, and more recent artists including Stevie Wonder and Little Richard. The movie palace had never been more popular, serving as one of the go-to spots for entertainment in Chicago. But even with the obvious love, the owners had for the building, time and use wore away at the building making it fall into disrepair. Many residents and political figures wanted to preserve the building and placed the building to the Federal National Registry of Historic Places in 1978. But even that didn’t save the building which continued to break down until it was closed to the public in 1981. The building found a resurgence in 1996 when then Chicago Mayor Richard M Daley announced that the venue would be restored to its original grandeur and made ready for live stage musical productions.
The theatre was renamed the Ford Center for the Performing Arts in 1997, even before restorations were completed in October of 98. The venue reopened with the city premiere of Ragtime. Broadway In Chicago, an organization that James M Nederlander formed in 2000, lit up the stage with runs of several popular plays and productions including Wicked, The Addams Family, The SpongeBob Musical, Pretty Woman: The Musical, and more. These productions were met with rave reviews and proved to the city that the theatre was viable both as a place for theatrical productions but also as a center of culture in the city. It was always Nederlander’s goal to champion theatre in Chicago with the group he founded and many of his productions were presented at the renewed Ford Center.
This renewed pride led to the February 2019 renaming of the venue to the James M Nederlander Theatre, in honor of Broadway theatre owner James M Nederlander. This success and return from ruin make this venue perfect for a modern fairy tale comedy.